Middle School

Harley Middle School

Harley's Middle School program for grade 5-8 offers children a nurturing academic environment that understands the unique needs and challenges of adolescents.

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Our Middle School is a Community

Harley students make the transition to Middle School their fifth grade year. This allows for a period of time to adjust to the changes in classroom structure, responsibilities, and schedule.

We offer small classes and individual attention, a challenging, hands-on learning environment where students frequently work in groups, and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities with a strong emphasis in the creative and performing arts. We have a dedicated faculty who work with middle schoolers by choice and who, by understanding 10–14 year olds, embrace the notion that children this age mature at different rates and therefore may have distinctly different learning patterns.

Harley’s program also has strong roots in traditional education. We believe students need to learn and master certain skills to be successful in high school, college, and adulthood.

To that end, our classroom instruction and curricula strongly emphasize these skills: reading, writing, oral communication, research, problem solving, mathematical computation and reasoning, scientific inquiry, computer literacy, and proficiency in a second language. Finally, our middle school is a community in which personal responsibility is stressed and  students are expected to contribute positively to the daily life of the school. Standards for conduct and behavior are high, and students are asked to observe a school-wide code of “rights and responsibilities." Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment where mutual respect and civility are valued and practiced.