Marlene Heuer, Nursery Yellow Teacher

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Why I Teach at Harley: Marlene Heuer from The Harley School on Vimeo.

With a background in the Reggio Emilia approach to education, Marlene Heuer is just one of The Harley School's experienced Nursery faculty. She says, "I'm connecting individually with my students from the moment they walk in the door."

Students are excited to come to school and Heuer attributes that to Harley's hands-on approach; they know they're not just going to be sitting all day long. The Nursery program features play as vehicle for learning. Heuer explains, "when children play, we facilitate learning; individually or within a group, they make predictions, test theories, negotiate social relationships, and build confidence and resilience."

In her curriculum, Heuer uses elements of Harley's 25-acre campus. Students get outside every day; Heuer appreciates the intentionally-created spaces such as playgrounds, micro farm, and nature center. "Once we walk over that bridge to the woods," she says, the learning takes shape. We may find animal tracks, do experiments, or collect art materials."

"Harley is a special place," Heuer says. "Faculty and students are excited and happy to be here. I teach at Harley because everyday, my co-teacher and I help students grow and learn in a way that supports and respects our young learners."

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Originally posted November 17, 2016