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In her most recent newsletter, Maggie Lloydhauser ’11 shared a beautiful tribute to her brother, Coyne Lloyd ’06, for his 34th birthday.

Ode to Coyne

My oldest brother, Coyne, is one of the people I love most on this earth. He is brilliant, and thoughtful, and believes in his loved ones with deep conviction. He is logical, loving, and largely unconcerned with the social norms that fence so many of us in. 

He is persistent, too. It’s easy to laugh at the child who pushes back on every question with, “why,” but it’s also famously maddening. I sometimes feel the same way with Coyne. 

And yet, that refusal to accept the first answer he gets is also part of what makes Coyne so remarkable.

In 2018, I had endless reasons to not go with Coyne on a somewhat spontaneous trip to Morocco and the South of France: I was in my last few months at a job I cared about and I couldn’t spare the days off; I was about to be unemployed and it was bound to be quite expensive; it wasn’t long enough for such an ambitious trip; it was simply a crazy thing to do. Coyne pushed and pushed, and at one point, I remember being frustrated: did he not respect the importance of the work I did?! Ultimately, though, talking around in circles with Coyne helped me realize that it was guilt more than necessity that had me squeamish about taking time off. Ever logical and generous, he asked me how much I felt I could afford for the trip, then covered the rest of the costs himself. We decided to focus not on all the wonderful things we wouldn’t be able to do on such a short trip, but to revel in all that we could fit in…

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