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Make a Gift to Harley

What is the Lives of Great Purpose Campaign about?

Based on the Lives of Great Purpose strategic plan begun in 2015, this campaign is about supporting our students through Academic Excellence, Environments for Learning, and improving the Financial Sustainability of the Harley School.

What is the significance of this campaign?

Donors to the Lives of Great Purpose Campaign have already given three times more than any campaign in the history of the Harley School. The campaign includes the largest gift in the history of the school, of $3 million from the Sands Family, entirely for increasing faculty compensation. With $10 million raised so far, the campaign goal of $12 million is within reach thanks to a match from the Sands Family Foundation.  When the Harley community donates $1 million for faculty compensation, the Sands family will match it with another $1 million for our teachers through the Faculty Endowment. 

Why should I contribute to the Sands Challenge for Faculty Compensation? 

Teachers are key to academic excellence at Harley. The connections teachers have with students are profound and have lasting and positive impact. Your support will help the Harley School to retain and attract excellent teachers and ensure that the school’s commitment to excellence continues in perpetuity. Plus, your gift will be doubled thanks to the match from the Sands family.

How will gifts to the Sands Challenge for Faculty Compensation be used? 

Teachers’ salaries and benefits comprise 42% of this year’s annual operating budget. The Faculty Endowment allows Harley to increase salaries as part of our priority from the Lives of Great Purpose strategic plan started in 2015. (Please see www.harleyschool.org/about for more information on the Harley School’s finances.) 

What portion of my donation will go into the Faculty Endowment?

When you respond with a gift to the Sands Challenge, 100 percent of your gift will be put into the Faculty Endowment.


Does my Harley Fund gift get matched under the Sands Challenge?

Your gift to the Harley Fund is separate from the match being offered by the Sands family, but it is included in the Lives of Great Purpose Campaign and is critical to meeting the greatest needs of the school in the current year. We encourage all members of the Harley community to give as meaningful a gift as possible to the Harley Fund and then, if possible, make an additional gift to the Faculty Endowment which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Sands Family Foundation. 

Stay tuned for matching opportunities and a Harley Fund Thankful Appeal for teacher professional development in the months to come.

What is the Harley Circle?

Donors who make unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more each year to the Harley Fund are recognized through the leadership giving society called the Harley Circle. Members are shown appreciation through special events and in the Report on Giving. Sustaining Members make a three year commitment and receive a Harley Circle pin.

For more information on supporting the Lives of Great Purpose Campaign, please contact Whitney Brice, Director of Development at 585-277-1116.