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Automatic doors, Roomba vacuum cleaners, self-driving cars —”robots” are all around us! Come explore the basics of robotics using sensors, LEDS, motors, and other components.

Investigate the fundamentals of electronics, coding, and logic. Delve into design thinking, and learn practical skills such as wiring and soldering, and even 3D design and printing!

Using low voltage (3v to 5v) Micro:bit or Arduino-type microcontrollers (small, programmable circuit boards), campers begin by creating simple circuits and basic code that controls the blinking of LEDs. They explore how sensors, motors, and servos are used to allow robots to interact with the world around us, and after learning the basics of how the Arduino Microcontroller and Micro:bit can be wired and programmed, the campers will build their very own obstacle-avoiding rover using provided components and their own design and imagination.

Since learning a coding language in depth would require much more than a week, please note that the campers will be provided the code for the rover, but they will have a basic introduction to the coding language, and an opportunity to then modify and adapt that code to improve its functionality.

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Ages: Grades 5-12

Time: 9 am – 3 pm

Session: JULY 26-30

Fees: $385.00

Instructor: Jeanne Weber