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Grades K-1

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Why Lower School at Harley?

The Lower School at Harley spans Nursery (ages 3 and 4) through Grade 4, offering a social and thematic curriculum that keeps children and their innate desire to learn at the center of everything we do.

Primary (Kindergarten and Grade 1)

Our full-day Kindergarten and First Grade combine for a truly unique experience, allowing students to develop at their own pace while promoting growth through challenge and joy in learning.

Combining Kindergarten and Grade 1 offers students continuity during a time when they are rapidly developing. It also gives faculty the opportunity to pair like-learners, regardless of their age, allowing for even greater differentiation.

Students in the Kindergarten year have Grade 1 role models in the same room. Then, in the second year of Primary, students return as Grade 1 role models for younger peers. Students experience positive leadership in this role, and relish the opportunity to confidently share what they have learned and help others.

The best part of the primary setting is that while students are making incredible strides as learners, the variables of new teachers, new classroom, and new routines are eliminated. They hit the ground running when they return as First Graders because they know their environment, they have built deep relationships with faculty, and they begin their year with confidence.

While these formative years are technically the “start” of formal education, our students feel safe and comfortable as they are encouraged to learn through play and thematic lessons, which allow them to go beyond memorization to understanding, applying, and creating. Our children flourish when we support their wonder and meet them where they are.

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