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Supplemental Support

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Supplemental Support Program

The Harley faculty aims to support all of our students in becoming progressively independent as learners. From Lower to Middle to Upper School, we prepare Harley graduates who are both intellectually self-reliant and collaborative as problem-solvers. These habits of achievement are not inborn; but they can be mastered with the proper education and support.

The Supplemental Support Program (SSP) is a fee-based program designed to assist capable students when learning in school presents special cognitive and organizational challenges.

Our small team of special educators helps students in SSP to:

  1. Recognize and “own” the specific areas of strength and difficulty they have with learning
  2. Identify strategies that work for them and take responsibility for implementing these strategies
  3. Take the lead in advocating for their own needs

We develop these characteristics of independent learners in different, developmentally appropriate ways in each educational division.

For Lower School

Two Supplemental Support Program teachers provide evaluation, consultation and individual instruction for children who need additional help in reading, writing, math or organization. The SSP teachers meet regularly with the classroom teachers to develop strategies for students who need focused support for remediation or extension. Individual support services are available on a fee basis.

For more information about our Supplemental Support Program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your child’s needs.

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