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Nursery Pre-K 4

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Joy in Growing

Pre-K students gradually develop age-appropriate independence within the safety of our classroom, which encourages curiosity, creativity, and exploration. Students flourish academically and socially in our community setting.


Our Pre-K program is child-centered and developmentally appropriate. With a student faculty ratio of 9:1, we offer each child individual attention, discovering strengths and opportunities for growth.

Social and cognitive development are equally important in our Pre-K program.

Thematic Approach

Our thematic approach to teaching helps learning come to life for our students. Early math skills and number sense are gained through an exploration of a theme. In this way, students are engaged and our faculty are able to differentiate for various learning styles.

Literacy emerges through a carefully planned literature based program, which emphasizes storytelling. From a very young age, our students see themselves as authors. Learning is always connected at Harley.

Our students are encouraged to make connections. They relish the opportunity to explore and discover through play, while developing the necessary pre-academic skills for Kindergarten. From fluent readers to students who are still discovering letter sounds, every student is both supported and stretched at Harley.

The result? Happy and engaged learners who have the necessary foundational skills for Kindergarten.

At Harley we believe Pre-K  education sets the tone for learning–inspiring and igniting joy, which students carry with them as they continue to grow.

Acorn Grants are now available!

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The Harley School offers the Acorn Grant Program, aimed at helping families who may not qualify for need-based scholarships, meet the cost of tuition. This program is designed to recognize the investment of parents and student potential. Many middle-income families have benefited from our Acorn Grant Program, designed to help subsidize the cost of a Harley education.

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