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Almost all of us, students and adults alike, need to have skills when it comes to productivity apps—whether it is a book report, science project, a means to track your data, a presentation that impresses, or even an elegant invitation.

There are many tools and options that go unused in most of our apps simply because we don’t have the time or the confidence to try them! In this camp, a trained professional will guide and teach the finer points of many of these apps.

So, do you need a report with page numbering and recurring information shown at the bottom? Are you wondering how to create tables and columns? Or, perhaps, frustrated by how text and images appear “wonky” when you try to move them? Did you always want to understand how to use formulas in a spreadsheet to do your math for you? Or create professional looking graphs and charts with your data? Wonder how to use and organize Cloud storage? How about creating recurring events in your calendar? Ever wish you could create an online form that automatically sends out a confirmation email? Or make mailing labels? You’ll learn all this and more!

You bring your questions and ideas, then, as a community of learners, we will share what we know and learn what we don’t!

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Ages: Grades 6-12

Time: 12:30-3:30pm

Session: JUNE 21-25

Fees: $190.00

Instructor: Jeanne Weber