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The world is full of automated and remote-controlled devices. How do they all work? Investigate the fundamentals of electronics, coding, and logic. Delve into design thinking, and learn practical skills such as wiring and soldering, and even 3D design and printing! Using low voltage (3v to 5v) Arduino-type microcontrollers (small, programmable circuit boards), campers build on what they learned in the previous camp and create simple circuits and basic code that controls different components such as LED lights, Piezo speakers (sound), and mechanical movement.

After learning the basics of how the Arduino Microcontroller and the Micro: bit can be wired and programmed, the campers will use the provided components to create a series of experimental projects and incorporate their own design ideas and imagination.

Because of the limited time, the campers will not be learning the Arduino text-based coding language (similar to C++) or the Micro: bit Python coding language in-depth, but they will have a basic introduction, using existing programs and then modify and adapt the code to improve their design’s functionality.

NOTE: approximately $50 of the cost of the course purchases the experimental Kit supplies that they will be able to take home with them. The board & sensors and other components can be reused over and over, for other projects and there are plenty of resources to expand & explore the world of microcontrollers.

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Ages: Grades 5-12

Time: 9 am – 3 pm

Session I: AUGUST 2-6

Fees: $385.00

Instructor: Jeanne Weber