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Parents of the Class of 2036

Thankful Giving Form

Each November we recognize our Harley School faculty and staff’s hard work by making donations in their honor to the Harley Fund.

This year we hope to have 100% participation from our class in this endeavor.

Not only is it a fantastic way to recognize the great work of our teachers, but we show potential grant funders like local foundations that our community believes and supports the financial viability of our school, and in turn, they donate money to help the school’s bottom line and support special projects like our playground, wellness center, and student scholarship.

Thank you to our donors!

The Harley Fund enhances the life-long value of a Harley education. Your financial support moves our program beyond excellence and into joyful learning. Each year, the fund secures critical needs and creates experiences that go beyond what tuition covers.

We care for each other today and always. Participation in the Harley Fund sustains our culture, providing support for what is special and integral to our mission. You make Harley better.

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