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The Food Program at Harley

By using fresh, local, quality items, we promote healthy eating habits that help foster the well-being of our students.

Healthy Habits

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits start at an early age and are directly influenced by the food options provided at school. Promoting wholesome eating impacts the health and well-being of our next generation—plus, research demonstrates that children who are well-nourished learn better and have improved behavior and performance at school.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Harley is simple: We serve good food from fresh ingredients. 

We source fresh, local, made-from-scratch, well-balanced, quality food choices to create healthy and delicious meals. 

Our produce and food products come from local, reputable, high-quality firms. Menus change seasonally to reflect the in-season products available, and our meals are prepared onsite. We offer a wide variety of healthy foods because children are more likely to enjoy food when they make their own selections.

Sample Menu

Lunch consists of a main entree and sides, soups (October-May), salad bar, fresh fruit, and a sandwich bar. There are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options; and we accommodate religious dietary practices and most food allergies.

Sample Menu

Homemade vegetable soup

Chicken fajita wraps with topping bar and brown rice

Salad bar

Sandwich bar



Sustainability and Food Sourcing

We utilize small batch cooking techniques to maximize flavor and freshness. Should there be leftovers they never go to waste because we offer them as a secondary option the following day. This minimizes food waste, which is better for the environment. 

Harley works with local zero waste organization Impact Earth for our composting program. All food waste from our lunch program is separated from the garbage and recycling and is picked up twice a week by Impact Earth’s organics team. Separately, our in-school composting in locations like the Commons Teaching Kitchen and the faculty room is coordinated by the school garden club to support our own growing operations.


We source locally as much as possible using the following purveyors:

  • Harley’s own garden and microfarm
  • Palmers Food Services
  • Hurd Orchards
  • Petrillo’s Bakery
  • Di Paolo Baking Company
  • B. Giambrone: fruits/vegetables

Dining Blog

Follow along with Dining Services updates, gather recipes, and learn food facts! 

Meet Vicki Pasternak

Hello! I’m Vicki Pasternak, director of food services at The Harley School.

I have been a part of Harley since 1988. Both of my (now adult) kids attended Harley.

I love my job and all that goes with it: from my incredible crew who collectively help put on an amazing lunch everyday, to the dedicated faculty and staff, to all the children here. Dining services plans menus, caters in-house events, and interacts with students on food-related projects as well as making sure their dietary needs are met.

My philosophy is to find one thing every day that brings joy.

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