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Preparing students to lead lives of great purpose.

Founded in 1917, The Harley School is a private, independent school in Rochester, NY offering a college preparatory program for approximately 500 students in Nursery through Grade 12.

When you set foot on the Harley campus, you can immediately sense education is different here.

Our approach yields outstanding outcomes to be sure: the highest SAT scores in the region for the past five years, and 100% college acceptances for our graduates at prestigious colleges and universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and Vanderbilt for the graduating class of 2019.

However, the most important part of our story isn’t results like these; it’s how our students are given the opportunity, the gift really, to be who they are: authentically and with the support of a caring community all around them.

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In Their Own Words

"Science is about curiosity, asking questions, and finding new ways to explore possibilities and gather information. The best scientists are lifelong learners who think critically about the world around them. Harley's approach to teaching the whole child produces the informed and engaged citizens of tomorrow. I couldn't be happier to partner with Harley in my work and to be a Harley parent for my curious daughter."

—Hillary Olson, Harley parent; President & CEO, Rochester Museum & Science Center

"The strong connection with my teachers and coaches is what I appreciate most about my Harley education. Knowing that they are available and always willing to help makes me feel confident in my ability to take on academic challenges. I know that their presence in my experience at Harley will last past my graduation and well into my future."

—Erin S. '21.

Watch and Listen to Our Community in Action

Grade 5: Wolf Tank Project

Wolf Tank is much like “Shark Tank,” a popular TV show that gives entreprenuers the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of business people and investors. Middle School students in Grade 5 were given the opportunity to develop their own inventions—from prototype to pitch.

Our Division Heads Answer the Question, “What Makes Harley Different?”

The heads of each division share their perspective on the unique approach at Harley.

Grade 2: Twoville Post Office Project

Among a number of inventive, interactive projects, the Twoville Post Office, begun in 1982, is an annual student favorite. The goal? To give the students an enjoyable way to learn how to read, practice authentic writing, try new things, and hold roles of responsibility.

Grade 3: Harlic Garlic Project

One annual tradition that ties Grade 3 students to the Microfarm is Harlic Garlic. Each year, Grade 3 students sell the garlic that they have grown the previous year (and harvested over the summer), and at the end of the fall, they plant another round of garlic for the next class.

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Average SAT Score

Average Composite ACT Scores

Sq. ft. Sustainable Living Building

Different Sports Teams


Average SAT Score


Average  Composite ACT Scores


Sq. ft. Sustainable Living Building


Different Sports Teams

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