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Horizons at Harley

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The Well and Good of Schools

Harley is a nationally recognized leader in partnerships that help close the achievement gap.

Since 1995, Harley has been a site for the national Horizons Student Enrichment Program. Each summer, approximately 140 low-income students in kindergarten to eighth grade are welcomed to the Harley campus from the City of Rochester for this six-week program that blends academic, cultural, and recreational activities with the goal of preventing summer learning loss.

In a city with one of the lowest graduation rates in the country, students attending Harley’s Horizons program realize a three-month gain in reading each summer, and 95 percent of those who attend the program for four or five years will graduate from high school on time.

Community Service: Harley students volunteer over 500 hours in the Horizons program each summer.
Community Service: Harley students volunteer over 500 hours in the Horizons program each summer.
Engaged Mentors: Harley students go beyond tutoring, they are mentors for young students in the Horizons program.

Each year, approximately 50 Harley students volunteer to work at Horizons. The program has its own Executive Director and Advisory Board, which is responsible for raising the funds needed to sustain its operations.

In recent years, Harley has taken on a community leadership role to broaden this model to other area schools and colleges, impacting a greater number of students in need. Harley helped form the Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association and assisted in the launching of programs at the University of Rochester, Nazareth College, Monroe Community College, SUNY Geneseo, and the Norman Howard School.

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