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Events with a Personal Touch

The Harley School welcomes rental requests for our spaces from non-affiliated individuals, community groups, and organizations, as well as alumni.

For more information or reservations, contact Sarah Murphy at or (585) 277-1204.

Security / Maintenance Services

Fixed fee with all facility rentals


Food Service

For events large or small, we can provide onsite food, ranging from box lunches to breakfast spreads, and more. 



The Harley Theater Basic Package includes:
control of stage and house lighting via control panel at stage right. Stage lighting as is. No use of colored gels for spotlights. No directional adjustments or bulb replacements. Use of outlets at the front of the stage for microphone (available upon request) and/or user’s own sound equipment.


Capacity: 559


The Harley Gallery is the main entrance and gathering place for our school. This space is large, open, and welcoming. Plenty of natural light flows in to the gallery through tall ceilings and skylights. This is the perfect place for public events. The space is fitting for parties, larger gathering art shows, and vendor fairs.


Included with Theater rental

Music/Dance Rooms

The Harley school has 5 music rooms. They are perfect for practice or rehearsal spaces. The rooms vary in size and all are equipped with a piano.

Contact Sarah Murphy for a tour and availability.


Capacity: 40

Lecture Hall

The Harley Lecture Hall is suited to many  types of rentals. This large hall is equipped with long countertop-style tables and seating for 75. It is equipped with sound equipment, a projector, and a large screen.


Capacity: 75

Conference Room

The Alumni Conference (ACR) room has seating for 12 around a large wooden oval table. It is great for small meetings with large wooden chairs and a beautiful oak table to make meetings feel warm and comfortable. The ACR is decorated with photos of Harley graduating classes dating back to 1934. This is the perfect space to highlight school history.


Capacity: 15


Our classrooms can easily convert from our daily use to your smaller event space. Sizes will vary. You are more than welcome to schedule a time to tour these spaces. Classrooms are perfect for workshops and or professional development classes. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards.


Capacity: 30

Dining Hall

The Harley Dining Hall is equipped with 20 round tables in the center and diner booth style seating along the walls—it breaks the mold of traditional school dining halls. Our Dining Hall is a beautiful, well-lit space that is open and available to accommodate large numbers. 


Capacity: 200

Briggs Center

The Briggs Center is a large, multi-use space. This beautiful rustic barn-inspired room accommodates 120. It is perfect for meetings, lectures, parties, and workshops. With a kitchen close by, catering can easily serve your party. Large skylights provide this space with plenty of natural light. The Briggs Center is equipped with a projector and sound system.


Capacity: 120

Beckerman Hall

Beckerman Hall is an open meeting space large enough for small groups. With comfy seating, this space is great for a cocktail hour or smaller reception.


Capacity: 30

Athletic Facilities

The Harley athletic facilities include a dance/yoga studio, a new fitness center, six lane pool, and large fieldhouse. 

The fieldhouse includes an indoor track, four basketball courts, and tennis facilities.

This large, open indoor space offers multi-use space for large vendor shows, concerts, athletic events, and more!


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