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Nursery 3 at Harley

Discoveries Every Day

Perfect for Three-Year-Olds

Our full-day program combines a hands-on, experiential learning approach with a developmentally appropriate thematic curriculum. The ratio of students to faculty is 7:1, and each classroom has two teachers who specialize in early childhood education.

Discovery and outdoor play allow children to take advantage of Harley’s 25-acre campus, including an organic microfarm, nature center, and playing fields, along with the brand-new Winslow Natural Playground & Outdoor Learning Center.

Real World Applications of Skills

We focus on allowing the children to experience real-world applications of essential life skills at a young age. Our weekly assembly provides students with the opportunity to present and speak publicly in a fun, supportive setting, and, of course, parents are encouraged and always welcome to attend. Our partnership with families is an essential part of our School.

Specifically designed for 3-year olds, our experienced faculty guide children through a program that cultivates curiosity and builds the confidence of young learners.

Our Schedule Works for You

The Nursery program at Harley was developed for your child, and designed with you in mind. With both 3- and 5-day options, we also offer wraparound care, because we understand the demands of a busy life. 

Our School provides children with positive experiences learning about themselves, being in a group, making observations, and problem-solving.

Acorn Grants are now available!

Interested in learning how to make a Harley education possible for your child? The Harley School offers the Acorn Grant Program, aimed at helping families who may not qualify for need-based scholarships meet the cost of tuition. Acorn Grants provide up to $3,000 to recognize parent investment and student potential. Many middle-income families have benefited from our Acorn Grant Program, created to help subsidize the cost of a Harley education.

For more information about the Harley difference, need-based grants or Acorn Grants, please contact admissions at

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