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Visual Arts

Enhancing the Skill of Articulating Ideas

The opportunity and ability for each student to articulate their ideas through visual art is a vital part of an education at the Harley School. We value the practice of art making as an ongoing creative process to be developed and explored. This perspective views the visual arts as a way to deepen student desire to develop their skills, be resourceful in challenges, and confident in expressing their vision.

In our spacious facilities, students engage in exciting and thought-provoking classes that help cultivate a lifelong relationship with the creative process. As artists and teachers, we understand making is not a talent or gift but a disciplined curiosity. We support this development with access to sound technical instruction and the freedom for students to express their unique ideas. 

Lower School


In a curricular sense, this journey begins in the Lower School where students interact in a combined experience of Art and Mindfulness. The practice of tapping into your emotions and senses allows for a deeper, more creative, and fulfilling art making. Students are introduced to a myriad of media and techniques, principles of design, and art history while simultaneously learning tactics to focus the mind and energy for a productive practice. Through this experience students learn to value the creative process of art making, risk taking, and problem solving through process-based exploration of media and ideas.


Middle School


Middle School students have the opportunity to further develop these concepts where they are introduced to more advanced techniques, tools, and digital technology. This work builds the individual student’s proficiency in media as well as their confidence to use them. The introduction of digital technology extends the breadth of their toolbox and the conversation about visibility in a visually complex culture.


Upper School


The Upper School is not considered a culmination, but rather a place where we hope to cement a lifelong relationship and confidence in creativity. We recognize that individual expression may differ significantly from student-to-student. Our goal is to ensure they are articulating ideas in a manner that feels authentic and successful. Students are able to explore a wide range of media including: glasswork, painting, drawing, sculpture, filmmaking, digital photography, and graphic design.



Visual Arts

The Visual Arts at Harley are opportunity for students to exercise their creative practice, develop skills, build confidence, and take risks. It allows the imagination to become tangible. Students in all divisions are encouraged to display their work in the Gallery  and Centrum where dynamic conversations take place across departments, divisions, and the greater Harley community. Art making at Harley is a memorable experience where student ideas are embraced as a crucial part of a vibrant curriculum.

Visual Arts Sample Courses

Dimensional Design

Digital Media

Documentary Film


Marketing and Graphic Design

AP Art Offerings

Studio Art—Drawing

Art Portfolio Preparation

Studio Art 3D

Studio Art 2D

Art History

Our Faculty

Katie Kindelan

Katie Kindelan

Upper School Visual Arts

Allyson Dingman

Allyson Dingman

Upper School Visual Arts & Glass Working

Rebecca Tracey

Rebecca Tracey

Middle and Upper School Visual Arts, Art Department Chair

Michael Frank

Michael Frank

Upper School Digital Media

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