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Affording Harley

A Harley education is a gift to your child as well as an investment for your family.

Making Education a Priority

 Remaining independent allows us to:

  • Attract and retain excellent teachers with advanced degrees in their fields
  • Retain an average class size of 12 students
  • Have every child participate every day
  • Deliver a wider variety of classes and areas of study in sustainability, arts, digital media, biomimicry, project-based learning, food and farm, and mindfulness and empathy education 
  • Use individualized teaching methods to teach the whole child and graduate highly prepared young adults
  • Construct curriculum focused beyond “teaching to the test”
  • Feed our community healthy and well-balanced lunches and snacks
  • Ensure that we graduate students highly prepared for the academic and social rigors of college

We realize choosing an independent school involves a significant financial commitment on the part of our families. 

It is a priority for us to make a Harley education both accessible and affordable. We seek to provide as many families as possible access to our life-changing education. 

We believe the success of our students is undeniably related to our independence as a non-profit institution. Because we receive no funding from a church or NY state, we must raise the money on our own, and Tuition covers approximately 80% of expenses, and ranges from $18,400 – $29,200, although the cost of educating each student is actually higher.  

Our Board of Trustees, with the help of the business office, steward all of our dollars very carefully.  Investing your money in your child’s education is a thoughtful choice on your part, and we are extremely careful to keep costs as low as possible while also maintaining the fiscal health of the school.

A Harley education is a gift to your child as well as an investment for your family. We are invested in attracting the best students from a diverse pool of applicants and view our approach to financial assistance as critical for both your family and our community.  

We encourage parents who may not be able to pay the full amount of tuition to apply for a need-based scholarship. Financial assistance for newly enrolled families is considered on a rolling basis.

Need-based scholarships help bridge the gap between what families can afford and the cost of their children’s education. In 2019, Harley provided need-based financial aid to 40% of our students, granting over $3 million in aid. Our average aid package is 47% of the full tuition. As our goal is to keep you with us; unless your family’s financial profile changes dramatically, families should expect aid to remain at a consistent level.  

At any point in the application process, families may apply for financial aid through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management.  The Harley code is 14572.

Thinking of applying? Explore our admissions and application process HERE.

Acorn Grants are smaller grants awarded to families who may not be eligible for need-based financial aid.  It is a grant of up to $3000 for nursery school and $5,000 for kindergarten through senior year. It is intended to put a Harley education within reach for your family. The Acorn Grant stays with your child until graduation.

A Harley education is possible for your child. 

Nursery Acorn Grant application (downloadable .pdf).

K-Grade 12 Acorn Grant application (downloadable .pdf).

Like most independent schools, Harley uses a standard calculation from the Blackbaud Smart Aid as a guideline for determining what each family can contribute to a Harley education. Smart Aid provides a need-based financial assistance analysis system for families and schools Smart Aid’s Calculation looks at the income, expenses, assets, and debts that the parents input into the application to determine a family’s Calculated Need.

*Families receiving a need-based scholarship are not eligible for Acorn Grants.

“Education is an investment in a child’s future. While at many college prep schools this may be an investment in their future income or career prospects, Harley is an investment in their whole being.”—Harley graduate, class of 2017

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