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Transferring to Harley

Making the Right Choice for Your Child

 Transfer pathway: Although some students begin in Nursery and remain until Grade 12, many students transfer to Harley from other schools. It is easy to transfer into our school, and we add students to every class each year. Our students welcome the opportunity to make new friends, and our teachers provide support so that “new kids” almost immediately feel a part of our community.  

There sometimes is a cost connected with transferring from another tuition paying institution.  We have transfer grants available for families that this pertains to.

Transferring in Lower School

Students start every year with a new mix of friends in their classrooms. Our kids have a good combination of familiar faces, as well as new ones from other classrooms and schools. Teachers spend the beginning of the year carefully integrating their classes and intentionally building a respectful community by weaving in students’ expectations, hopes, and dreams.

Transferring in Middle School

Whether transferring in Grades 5, 6, 7, or 8, our talented faculty and strong advisor program allow tweens and teens to quickly feel at home. We begin the year with a new student orientation the day before school starts so that new students meet each other—as well as current Harley students. They are introduced to their teachers, eat in our dining hall, and create important new connections.  

With advisory groups of 8-12 students, it is easy for everyone to get to know each other well. The Grade 7 and 8 classes also take Outdoor Education trips in the beginning of the year specifically to foster new friendships, enhance the ability to work as a group, and to create a greater understanding of themselves at these critical years.

Transferring in Upper School

While many teens transfer in Grade 9 so they can attend high school at Harley, we also have students joining each of the Upper School grades every year. Student Council puts on a new student orientation the day before school starts. They have activities and tours as well as lunch and a question and answer session. Everyone ends the day well-equipped for their first day and the rest of the year.

All Upper School students have an advisor who helps guide them through their high school years. The advisor’s job is to get to know each teen well and be a strong liaison between the students and home. Through the advisory program, small classes, and a variety of interest-based electives, students quickly feel a part of our community.  

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