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We explore the great outdoors

Our Summer Nursery is a great way to keep busy learning, exploring and having fun year-round! Our program features play as a vehicle for learning while engaging the imaginative, growing minds of this age.

Specifically designed for 3-year olds, our experienced faculty guide children through a program that cultivates curiosity and builds confidence.

While the program has an outdoor focus, it also takes advantage of our indoor campus, giving children a mix of outdoor play and a break from the sun, including swimming.

Here are highlights from one week’s activities:

  • Our raised gardens were maintained by the children. Soon, we’ll be planting more starters and enjoying the sugar snap peas that will be ready to eat.
  • We don’t waste anything! A new drum deck is being installed outside and the dirt was moved to where the children could use it to dig and incorporate into their play.
  • Swimming with our experienced coaches to foster skills and enjoyment in the water.


Each two week session is led by our team of experienced faculty. The sessions are themed, giving faculty a vehicle for teaching pre-academic skills.


For example, growing tomatoes includes the study of the life cycle. Our kids observe as scientists, practice counting, and problem solve as they learn when and how to pick their crop.


Summertime is an active learning environment that is developmentally appropriate for toddlers. Our Nursery students love school. Joy in Learning!

Summer Nursery