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2021-22 Sustainability Challenge: A Curriculum for the Climate Crisis

Your gift in support of creating a climate change curriculum and sustainability plan for the school will be matched by the E.E. Ford Foundation. 

Thank you for considering a gift to help Harley reach the $100,000 goal by June 30, 2022.

Check out our presentation, “Harley Sustainability Challenge: Creating a Curriculum for the Climate Crisis” HERE. (password: Ia&B364k)

The project includes: 

  • Endowed fund to support sustainability action items for future years, including student projects.
  • Professional Development and conference expenses for a summer institute to develop curriculum and then in the future share with teachers beyond Harley.
  • Technology Makerspace renovation to support expanded climate solution models and prototypes. Also improved technology for storytelling and communication purposes.
  • Materials Learning materials to span the curriculum—Global warming & solar cell kits, CO2 detectors, scripts, environmental literature, lesson development and materials for multiple courses in almost every discipline.
  • Staffing Half of a faculty member’s salary for two years, professional development opportunities for that teacher, travel expenses for attendance at conferences, a consultant on the curricular side, and a consultant for work with the sustainability committee.

Meet Dr. Vinton:

Betsy Vinton, PhD—a nationally-recognized climate change educator and 20-year leader of the Harley faculty—is our academic point person for the development of Harley’s new Climate Change Curriculum. Betsy is spending half of her teaching time this year and next working with Upper School colleagues to re-engineer parts of their curricula to form that program. Our plan is to develop the new curriculum and then disseminate it to help other schools replicate the program.

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