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College Counseling

College Counseling

An education at The Harley School includes plenty of one-on-one work with experienced college counselors who know students well. We teach them English Literature, Computer Science, and Greek, watch them perform on stage, and cheer for them on athletic fields. Take a look at the profile of our most recent graduating class.

We believe that a meaningful college search includes honest self-reflection. To nurture such introspection, we invite students to assess their strengths, articulate preferences, and formulate aims—both academic and personal. We want them to consider carefully their options and reach a conclusion to an essential question: What sort of higher education experience will continue to propel each student toward a purposeful life?

Because each college process is unique, Harley’s advising is highly individualized. Side-by-side counselor-advisee meetings involve continual reflection, research, and revision. And because we understand that college planning is a family process, we invite parents to join actively in our work with students.

As students contemplate majors, campus locations, standardized test options, and essay topics, we are eager to help them make informed choices. A series of wise decisions, we’re convinced, promises to produce a happy college fit.

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