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Megan Roberts, Full Day Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher

Harley’s Full-Day Kindergarten and First Grade provide the strong, positive foundation children need for future success in school. Megan Roberts says small class sizes allow her to get to know her students. "We read together 1:1. We talk about what they are learning, what works for them and what doesn't.”

Why Harley? Meet the Lieberman-Ray Family

"We wanted a community that shared our educational values--and was open to diversity in every other way." Amit Ray and Jessica Lieberman, professors, Harley parents

Why I Give to Harley: Ashley Stone ‘01

“I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today if it weren't for Harley,” says Ashley Stone '01. “Harley laid the foundation for who I am. Now, by giving financially to the school, I’m helping to pay that experience forward.”