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Making It Stick - Mobile Learning in Math Class, by Lars Kuelling

If you’ve ever balanced yourself on a teeter-totter with a heavier (or lighter) friend by moving closer to or farther from the fulcrum in the middle, then you’ve physically applied the equation d1w1 = d2w2 to balance the movement of forces about a pivot point.

Why Harley: Sam Reeder ‘19

Beyond the textbook: Harley students are encouraged to explore diverse passions. Sam Reeder is a musician, a scientist, and an athlete.

Marlene Heuer, Nursery Yellow Teacher

Marlene Heuer builds deep connections with students in her three-year-old Nursery class, thanks to Harley's year-round program and small class size.

Open House for Nursery (age 3) to Grade 12, Friday, April 28