Exceptional Students, Educators & Experiences

It all starts with our students...

From Nursery through Grade 12, we nurture a student body that celebrates inquisitiveness and integrity and applauds self-confidence. We foster the journey for children to become responsible, independent, and hard-working thinkers and learners. Paired with the region’s best faculty and staff, this combination has resulted in exceptional experiences for nearly a century.

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Admissions to Harley

Apply Now: Click here for our on-line admissions form.

Selecting a school can be one of the most important and trying decisions a family can make, so our goal is to remove the complexity and stress. Our open, friendly admissions process promotes a thoughtful, mutual exploration of interests and philosophies, ensuring a natural fit for applicants, families and the current student body.

What do we seek in potential students? Diversity of backgrounds. Unique talents. A desire to reach their potential. A curiosity about the world around them, and how they can make a difference. A shared sense of values to better our school and the community.

We would love to share more. Please consider attending one of our upcoming events and open houses, learn more online, or simply contact us to ask questions or schedule a private tour.


With so many many wonderful school choices, find out why parents have chosen The Harley School.

"The learning, stimulation, and social interaction they're getting through Harley's Nursery and Primary programs are far beyond our expectations--and an important base to grow on," says the Winslow family. Hear them share their reasons for Why Harley?



"We wanted a community that shared our educational values--and was open to diversity in every other way." Find out why university professors Amit Ray and Jessica Lieberman chose Harley for their children.


A former trial attorney, Dan O'Brien teaches Middle School math at Harley. "I have a flexibility to create lessons that have maximum impact on my students and are engaging. There is a depth to the learning when there is joy in it." Find out why Dan teaches at The Harley School.