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Parent Council Co-Chair, Diana Palotas, shares tips for parents to prepare for the coming school year. 

by Diana Palotas, Parent Council Co-Chair


I hate to see summer vacation end.

I like that the kids can be off schedule to stay up late, sleep in, and run on vacation mode. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. These few weeks before the first day of school are an opportune time to talk with the family about the start of a new year. Here are a few of my thoughts on winding down the summer and revving up for school.

Spending some one-on-one time with each child is a good idea. Plan to do a lot more listening than talking so you can hear their concerns and allay their fears.

Getting back to bed at a reasonable time is the toughest adjustment from summer to fall. It’s a good idea to set the alarm again for the kids as least a week before school starts. Being well rested makes everything easier during this transition time.

Organization is the key to sanity on school mornings (and my girls are actually better at this than me)! Each of us takes some time Saturday or Sunday to plan out our outfits for the next week of work and school. We also check our schedules for sports, meetings, and things after school so we can map out transportation, pick up and drop off times, and even ideas for dinner!

And while back to school shopping may not sound like fun…this is a great time to help your children get organized for learning at school and studying at home. Let them pick out their folders and notebooks. Liking them may make them want to use them!

While you’re having that new year talk with your kids, work out where and when homework will be done. Will it be right after school in their room? Or after soccer practice and dinner in the family room?  

These kind of decisions made together will help make the new school year a welcome adventure! I look forward to connecting with many of you via Parent Council during the year!


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