A Healthy Helping Provided Daily

Our Dining Hall staff prepares delicious and healthy foods every day, including whole wheat pasta and bread, fresh fruit, grilled and fresh veggies, amazing homemade soups and a variety of salads. Daily lunch and snack are included in tuition.

Healthy Lunch

We know that a healthy lunch is important for a child’s cognitive and physical growth. The Harley lunch program serves as a model for public and private schools alike. Among other healthy choices offered, the school serves only whole-grain breads and pasta, fresh vegetables and fruits, only 100% fruit juices, low-fat milk, brown rice, yogurt, homemade soups, and a salad bar that features more than 30 different items daily. Morning snack features fresh fruits and water. Our ingredients are locally sourced and mostly organic.

Harley’s Lunch Program includes:

  • Elimination of white and processed foods
  • Use of only whole wheat flour for pizza, pasta, and bread
  • Elimination of chicken nuggets, French fries, and other processed foods
  • Provision of fresh fruit and roasted vegetables, as well as homemade soups daily
  • Low-fat dressings and condiments on salad bar
  • Low-fat milk and 100% fruit juice
  • Elimination of soda and candy from being sold at the school
  • Introduction of new menu items featuring whole grains and healthy options including couscous, wheat berries, hummus, chickpea, and black bean salads
  • Homemade cookies only twice weekly
  • Vegetarian, dairy and gluten-free options, and other special dietary needs can be met
  • Fruits, vegetables and meats are sourced from local farmers
  • Vegetables harvested from our organic micro farm

Admissions to The Harley School

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