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John Goldman ’52 was thinking about his upcoming 70th Reunion from Harley and shared a great story.

 John knows how to celebrate a birthday in style! When he celebrated his 80th birthday back in 2014, he “sold” all of his party guests a copy of a book that he wrote about his life—for 10 cents.

In the prologue of Johnny’s Journey he talks about why he wrote this book, “Perhaps I have a case of nostalgia. Most of us old people have it. As you age you discover that there’s a lot of it going around and that it’s highly contagious. You can catch it while watching old black and white movies on television where people wear the same clothes that you once wore and ride around in cars like those you and your neighbors had when you were a kid…But I think that it’s much more personal than that. I am intrigued with the idea of trying to reconnect with my early years…this will not be an autobiography. I am going to focus on my “extended childhood”—from birth to college. That’s the span of time that shapes most of our lives, mine included.”

John shared two particular chapters that Harley alumni might find interesting because they pertain to his time at the school.

Dick Has Disappeared

A Brief Immortality

John’s book is available at The Harley School library if you are interested in reading it.