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Luisa Barbano ’11 posted this on Facebook:

A decade ago, I wrote a short story for Patricia Malone‘s (Upper School English, 2009 to present) creative writing class…This spooky season, my Gothic horror piece has finally found a home!

The Double-Goer

It is said that if one sees one’s bodily double, bad luck will ensue. If one talks to one’s bodily double, death is imminent. Such is the case for Harold Lawrence, whose misfortune begins, classically, on a dark and stormy night.

“I don’t care which twice-removed cousin of yours is marrying for the fourth time, we aren’t going anywhere in this weather,” the gentleman howls over the violent drumming of the rain on the windowpanes, fumbling desperately with his maroon tie. Underneath the percussion of the rain and wind, a vaudevillian voice resonates from a phonograph in the corner. A woman stands in her evening dress and plumed hat in the hall, throwing her arms to the air and shouting a retort drowned out by a resounding clap of thunder and the hysterical squawking of the caged parrot in the parlor. A car horn can be heard from the slick streets outside the apartment.

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