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Torpedoed is an eye-catching and mesmerizing book. It is a book about 90 child refugees that want to seek refuge over in North America on a boat. They come from different places in Europe and want to leave because of violence during World War II. The boat they sailed on was famously called the CORB, after its owner.  This book is in the historical non-fiction category with other great books, including: Flowers in the Gutters, Honor Girl, Just Mercy and many many more books like these.

Recommended by Oliver B.


Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland

“The magic and adventure will make you want to read forever.”

Recommended by Rose H.


Dog Man series

Dog Man is a very fun book to read and has a lot of laughter. Also there are a lot of different Dog Man books Fetch 22, Unleashed, (ect). This book is illustrated and written by Dav Pilkey. I recommend this book for people that like comic books and like books that are not too hard. 

Recommended by Liam K.


I suggest reading Chancey of the Maury River. I recommend this book because it is so heart-warming and inspiring. The main reason I like this book is the fact that it’s so exciting to read, and the author (Gigi Amateau) makes you feel like you are in the book. From a sick horse to a gelding with an owner and many friends, Chancey is the perfect book for any animal-lover. I also enjoyed the other books in the Maury River series, Macadoo and Dante.

Recommended by Caroline D.


Cupcake Diaries by Coco Simon

Are you going crazy because of so many vegetables? Try reading this book. It’s the sweetest book I’ve ever read!

Recommended by Avery S.