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Dear Harley students and parents, 

I hope this note finds you well and adjusting to our new circumstances. Some of you have been in touch with different teachers and admins wondering if Harley will be moving forward with a traditional Spring Break, or if there might be some other plan in the works. Harley being Harley …. the answer is both!

Our two plans for Spring Break:

  1. We’re still taking Spring Break. Nothing will be required the week of April 6-10. 
  2. We are offering a three-day (optional) Harley Commons School during that week! 

Why are we still taking Spring Break? We have heard from many people with opinions all over the spectrum on this question. What we have learned is that there are families whose plans for Spring Break are still intact; they may (or may not) involve traveling, but there are families who have planned their calendars to include this time together. The same is true for our faculty and staff, of course, but more importantly, they need the time to recharge and be with family. The last few weeks have seen an incredible effort on the part of the teaching faculty; we are so proud of their work and of their commitment to Harley at Home. 

Why are we offering Harley Commons School? Because, while we know some families have other plans, some will still actively seek programming for kids over the break. We have many families who are suddenly juggling their own jobs and other obligations—some of which have changed a great deal in the last weeks—along with having their children at home, and we thought this would be fun and might be helpful. 

Harley Commons School

  • Will be Monday-Wednesday, April 6-8. 
  • Will be mostly “asynchronous,” which is to say it will be material that we post at particular times (you will receive a schedule), but which you can actually watch/engage with whenever is convenient for you, including after April 8. 
  • Some will be “live” or synchronous as well. 
  • Will be a mix of Harley people, “guest stars,” resources from outside the Harley community (National Geographic, local resources), and more.
  • Will be identified according to developmental appropriateness (i.e., this event is for PK-3, this one for 9-12, etc.). 

Because most of what we present will be asynchronous, this will allow parents to put together their own schedules for their children. Again, this is optional, but we hope these opportunities are helpful and constructive for your family. 

Stay well!



PS As you likely know, Governor Cuomo recently issued an executive order keeping all New York State schools closed until at least April 15. We at Harley are not doing any prognosticating about when we might re-open, but many experts expect closures to go longer. We’ll stay in touch.