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The Sands Family Foundation has announced an historic $3 million gift to The Harley School. The timing of the gift corresponds with The Harley School’s Centennial and the continued execution of its strategic plan.The gift to the school’s endowment will be fully dedicated to supporting and developing the school’s faculty, ensuring Harley is positioned to continue to provide exceptional academic excellence. Faculty members will benefit through increased compensation.Courtney Sands Winslow announcing the $3 million giftIn addition to the Sands’ longstanding commitment to education in the Greater Rochester Region, the family has been educating their children at Harley for three generations. Both Richard Sands and Rob Sands are alumni of The Harley School (graduates of the classes of 1969 and 1976, respectively).“As a trustee emeritus and Harley alumnus, I value the passion and commitment of the Harley faculty,” said Rob Sands, CEO, Constellation Brands. “These educators provide students with the necessary academic foundation to face the challenges of a rapidly-evolving world. This gift will support them in continuing to inspire and prepare students to become the next generation of leaders.”Faculty at The Harley School are already recognized as leaders in their specialties. Currently, 87% of faculty members have advanced degrees, and under their guidance, Harley students achieve outstanding measurable results, including the highest SAT scores in Monroe County over the last four years.“The Harley School’s leadership in the areas of sustainability, empathy, and civic engagement mirrors our own passion-driven and innovative culture at Constellation Brands. This gift will help The Harley School to retain and attract inspiring educators committed to providing students with the very best educational experience in our community,” said Richard Sands, Chairman of the Board, Constellation Brands.The gift enables the realization of the goal of increasing faculty support set forth by the board and administration as part of the School’s strategic plan. The Harley School’s utmost strategic goal is to maintain the school’s exceptional academic excellence.“The Sands family supports education in Rochester. Through my own work at Education Success Network, I see the many ways the work of educating children is deeply personal, requiring both commitment and strength of character to honor and inspire each student in their own, meaningful way,” said Courtney Sands Winslow. “The Harley School does this important work so well; today the Sands family would like to recognize the School’s faculty.”“As a Harley parent, I am continually amazed at the passion and energy I see from the faculty on a daily basis. The teachers at Harley have inspired our children to find joy in learning and encouraged them to become free and creative thinkers,” said Matt Winslow, Harley Trustee. “Courtney and I know our children are well-cared for and nurtured in the Harley community. This gift is a signal of our family’s continued commitment to The Harley School’s future and recognizes its position as the regional leader in education.”“The Harley School is adept at developing future leaders,” said Ward Ghory, Harley’s Head of School. “Our faculty are central to guiding students through a comprehensive curriculum of idea-driven exploration and problem solving, with the goal of cultivating curiosity, confidence and joy in learning. We are proud to have such successful and dedicated alumni, and thank the Sands family for their historic support of The Harley School.”