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Frank Laimbeer P ’77, ’79, ’80, ’84 (Mathematics, 1960-1981) passed away on July 22, 2022. Former students and colleagues shared their sentiments about Mr. Laimbeer:

Frank lived a rich and full life.“; “Delightful human being.“; “I always enjoyed Frank’s company and humor.“; “A fine example of Harley’s best practices.“; “…a kind man…he drove the bus from Geneseo and back bringing so many kids from that area to Harley…talk about dedication.“; “He did his best with me in Algebra II…“; “He was a wonderfully kind teacher and man. I was lucky to have been his student.“; “He loved and laughed so much. What fun we had driving…his little VW bug! He would occasionally stop the car when a cool song came on…and we’d dance in the road.“; “He was a great guy and enough of a character to keep you interested.“; “He was a teacher I liked in a subject I had trouble with at the time.“; “I still use the Sine and Cosine rules he taught me to this day.“; “He was a rock for all of us.“; “Mr. Laimbeer’s impact extended far beyond his ability to teach mathematics.“; “I remember his horse Rusty Charlie.“; “Harmonicas and horses were always part of the mix in his classroom.

His obituary from Fauquier Now:

On Thursday, July 28 2022, at 2:20 PM, Francis Effingham Laimbeer III (“Frank”)  passed away peacefully in his bed, with his harmonica in his breast pocket and loving family members by his side. Frank was born on May 13, 1929 in Mineola, Long Island, New York, the son of Francis Effingham Laimbeer, Jr, and Eleanor Hains Laimbeer. Frank received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his Masters Degree in Education from The State University of New York in Geneseo, New York. Frank was a United States Army veteran, serving as a Sergeant during the time of The Korean War. Throughout his 93 years Frank lived in many locations, but he always considered Geneseo, New York and Warrenton, Virginia his true homes.

A skilled horseman in many disciplines of equestrian sports, Frank had countless wins steeplechasing on his favorite horse Rusty Charlie. While attending Cornell University Frank played on their collegiate polo team, winning a national championship in his sophomore year. A successful three day event rider and an avid foxhunter, Frank passed along his passion for horse sports to all of his children and grandchildren. Frank was a proud member of the Genesee Valley Hunt of Geneseo, New York for over twenty years and then spent the remainder of his foxhunting career as a member of The Warrenton Hunt in Warrenton, Virginia, serving as Joint Master from 1986 to 1996.