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Middle School

Grades 5 6 7 8

Better is possible… At The Harley School, joy in learning is at the center of all we do. We are a community of educators and students who have a passion to learn and to impact the world around us. We encourage curiosity and inspire discovery. Our unique approach delivers a challenging academic program that creates a diverse and close-knit community while nurturing students’ strengths and helping them reach their full potential. Ask about our Oak Tree Grants for incoming Middle School students. An Oak Tree Grant provides up to $8,500 to recognize parent investment and student potential.

Engaged learning. Harley’s average class of 13 facilitates engagement and active participation.

Why Middle School at Harley?

Our Middle School is a safe place for students to learn, develop, explore and grow. Our experienced faculty understand that this is a critical time of transition, and with it comes new experiences, new schedules, and new responsibilities.

Our class sizes are small and our faculty intentionally focus on each student as an individual, providing a challenging, hands-on learning environment that prepares our students for the social and academic demands of middle school, upper school and beyond.

Our Students

High standards. High expectations.

As members of the Harley community, students in our Middle School learn the importance of personal responsibility. They are expected to contribute positively to the daily life of the school as we work together to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment where mutual respect and civility are valued and practiced.

Middle School students are encouraged and supported, yet given the opportunity to apply the skills they have developed in the Lower School, while stretching them to further develop the skills they need for the Upper School. It is during these years that our students learn to fly–they are given the freedom to explore independence as they embrace responsibility.

Joy in growing. Middle School is a time to learn the art of being a student. We nurture and support our students individually, while providing academically challenging and authentic work.
Joy in growing. Middle School is a time to learn the art of being a student. We nurture and support our students individually, while providing academically challenging and authentic work.
STEM and engineering. A course in anatomy includes an opportunity for an introduction to engineering. Students in Grade 7 build articulating hands, complete with instructions for the end-user.

Our Approach

At Harley, our program has strong roots in traditional education, focusing on academic areas such as mathematics, reading, writing, the sciences, language, physical health and the arts. But our unique approach takes each of these subjects one step further by emphasizing skill development, growth of the whole child, and helping students learn thematically while seeking and finding joy in learning.

Our students learn to develop oral and written communication skills, mathematical computation and reasoning, scientific inquiry, computer literacy, proficiency in a second language, how to research, problem solve, and more.

And that’s just the beginning…

We discover together.

Our dedicated faculty work with middle schoolers by choice. They understand their students and embrace the notion that children this age (10 to 14-year-olds) mature at different rates, they learn differently and they require individualized attention, care and concern.

We all participate.

At Harley, we believe that extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom. For that reason, all students have the opportunity to join various clubs and enjoy flex time. And students are encouraged to participate in team sports. We create a safe place for students to try, fail, and try again both in the classroom and on the field, with a goal of teaching our students to live balanced, healthy lives. Learn more about Athletics at Harley.

7:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Hands-on learning with individualized attention is part of the daily middle school experience.

We make a difference.

In Middle School, students get involved in meaningful service learning projects, helping them develop empathy and compassion through volunteer work and projects designed to raise awareness of issues impacting our society.

Our Curriculum

We challenge students to grow by placing them in charge of their learning. Through hands-on projects, challenging coursework, and opportunities to solve problems, students develop the skills, habits, and instincts to be successful at The Harley School and beyond. Students are encouraged to aim high, think differently, and to create their own path toward academic excellence.

Middle School Curriculum

Theater. Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in our annual middle school musical.

Middle School Life at Harley

Schedule & Looping

Students enjoy a unique block schedule that provides time for in-depth learning at a pace that benefits students and allows teachers to employ different methods of teaching. In addition, both students and teachers are able to build strong relationships thanks to our two-year “looping” sequence, where students remain with the same teachers for both 5th/6th and 7th/8th grades.

Middle School students at Harley also benefit from Flex Time, a unique period at the end of the day where they choose to study a particular area of interest, seek out extra support from teachers, or independently work in a structured study hall. We believe students should be in charge of their learning, finding joy in what they discover and taking ownership of their education.

Our Community


Our Middle School faculty are content experts who love working with this age group. They choose to teach at Harley because they are able to craft lessons that are compelling and prepare students well for the rigor of the Upper School.

Project based learning. Grade 8 students build models of DNA to complement their learning of genetics in our Commons Building.
Project based learning. Grade 8 students build models of DNA to complement their learning of genetics in our Commons Building.
Team Spirit. Harley Middle School students are active participants in our modified sports program.


Our geographic diversity speaks to the socio-economic diversity seen in our classrooms. Students come from Brighton, Greece, Fairport, Rochester, and Canandaigua, to mention a few of the 30 plus communities represented at Harley, and 32% of our students identify as students of color, among the highest rate in our surrounding suburban schools.

Here, we invest in civic engagement and provide students with the ability to lead lives of great purpose!

Student-led projects in the DART (Diversity and Advocacy Round Table) elective included a service project at St. Joe’s House of Hospitality, the creation of awareness posters to educate fellow students about cultural appropriation and sensitivity in the choice of Halloween costumes, the collection of jeans for the Youth Center, a workshop about the meaning of masculinity for 7th and 8th grade boys, and the establishment of an African American Affinity Group.

Balance. We focus on a balanced curriculum, offering learning opportunities in STEM, athletics and the arts.

Harley Highlights

  • Small class sizes, allowing faculty to build deep connections with students
  • Experienced, vibrant, educators who understand 10-14 year olds
  • A schedule specifically designed to meet the learning needs of adolescents
  • Challenging and engaging coursework in world languages, advanced mathematics, and STEAM enrichment courses from Grade 5 on
  • Annual grade-level social activities & outings
  • Hands-on, experiential learning
    Learn more about The Commons!
  • Smart boards and access to technology in each room
  • Independence within structure
    Everyone participates
  • Discovery and outdoor play
    Recess through Grade 8
  • Thoughtful, structured schedule with “looping”
  • A focus on mindfulness and stress management
  • Healthy snacks and lunches included in tuition
    Gluten-free, allergen-free and diet-sensitive options available

Acorn Grants are now available!

Interested in learning how to make a Harley education possible for your child? For more information about the Harley difference, need-based grants or Acorn Grants, please contact admissions at admissions@harleyschool.org.

The Harley School offers the Acorn Grant Program, aimed at helping families who may not qualify for need-based scholarships, meet the cost of tuition. This program is designed to recognize the investment of parents and student potential. Many middle-income families have benefited from our Acorn Grant Program, designed to help subsidize the cost of a Harley education.

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