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Ages 3 & 4

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Better is possible… At The Harley School, joy in learning is at the center of all we do. We are a community of educators and students who have a passion to learn and a desire to influence the world around us. We encourage curiosity and inspire discovery. Our unique approach delivers a challenging academic program that creates a diverse and close-knit community while nurturing students’ strengths and helping them reach their full potential.

Purposeful play guided by experienced faculty. Using play as a vehicle for learning and cognitive development, our students build language, fine motor and gross motor skills, as well as social and emotional skills.

Why Nursery at Harley?

The Harley School’s Nursery program is specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, featuring play as a vehicle for learning while engaging curious, growing little minds.

With a full campus, beautiful outdoor facilities, and a summer option that allows for a seamless year, Nursery at Harley provides a positive foundation for learning, and a positive experience for both you and your child.

Early exposure to world languages. Spanish instruction begins in Nursery for Harley students.
Early exposure to world languages. Spanish instruction begins in Nursery for Harley students.
Students develop a capacity for learning and school readiness. Nursery students develop a positive attitude for learning in our engaging and enticing classrooms.

Nursery students gradually develop age-appropriate independence within the safety of our classrooms which encourage curiosity, creativity, and exploration. There are opportunities for social learning while students experience collaboration, partnership and community.

At Harley, we believe preschool education sets the tone for learning—inspiring and igniting joy– which students carry with them from age 3 to graduation day and beyond.

Physical development. Confidence building in the outdoors!

For your child

The full-day program combines a hands-on, experiential learning approach with a developmentally appropriate thematic curriculum.

Discovery and outdoor play takes shape as the children take advantage of Harley’s 25-acre campus, including an organic micro-farm, nature center and playing fields, along with a brand new natural-setting playground with sunshades and musical instruments.

We also focus on allowing the children to experience real-world applications of essential life skills at a young age. Our weekly assembly provides students with the opportunity to present and speak publicly in a fun, supportive setting, and of course, parents are encouraged and always welcome to attend. This is a small example of what helps set Harley apart and a big part of what makes our Nursery program so special.

Take a look at our Nursery schedule here.

Purposeful play is a vehicle for learning. Nursery students build language and fine motor skills while learning about colors.

Harley Highlights

  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Discovery and outdoor play
  • Small class sizes, allowing faculty to build deep connections with students
  • Experienced, vibrant, educators who understand and are passionate about children as learners
  • Thoughtful, structured schedule
    Including Spanish, swimming, and music
  • Healthy, personalized lunches
    Gluten-free, allergen-free and diet-sensitive options available
  • Year-round program with Summer option

 “I’m connecting individually with my students from the moment they walk in the door, and I have one-on-one conversations with them through­out the day..” – Marlene Heuer, Nursery Teacher

We love the outdoors! Our summer program features our faculty and curriculum in our natural setting playground, complete with musical instruments.
We love the outdoors! Our summer program features our faculty and curriculum in our natural setting playground, complete with musical instruments.
Joy in Learning! We build, we collaborate, we play, we learn.

Summer Program

Specifically designed for 3-year olds, our experienced faculty guide children through a program that cultivates curiosity and builds confidence.

While the program has an outdoor focus, it also takes advantage of our indoor campus, giving children a mix of outdoor play and a break from the sun, including swimming.

For You

At Harley, we see your child as a fellow human being, and we value parents as partners.

The Nursery program at Harley was developed for your child, and designed with you in mind. With both 3- and 5-day options, we also offer wrap-around care, because we understand the demands of a busy life. That’s why we provide seamless care from early morning to late afternoon, always keeping in mind the very best interest of you and your child.

Daily music instruction. Creative arts and music is a daily elective offered to Nursery students. Our children take full advantage of our entire campus.

Acorn Grants are now available!

Interested in learning how to make a Harley education possible for your child? For more information about the Harley difference, need-based grants or Acorn Grants, please contact admissions at

The Harley School offers the Acorn Grant Program, aimed at helping families who may not qualify for need-based scholarships, meet the cost of tuition. This program is designed to recognize the investment of parents and student potential. Many middle-income families have benefited from our Acorn Grant Program, designed to help subsidize the cost of a Harley education.

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