February 13, 2019


“I’ll Go First”

“What difference did it make that you went to Harley?”

That was the question posed by a member of the class of ’82 to a member of the class of ’17, now a sophomore at Tufts, during a recent alumni dinner in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I describe his answer in this video, and also do a bit of exploring of what we do here at Harley that leads to that outcome. Have a look:



It’s re-enrollment time, and as the Jackson 5 used to say, “I Want You Back”!

Re-enrollment agreements are being sent out this week, and I hope you’ll send them right back to secure spots for next year. I don’t like to beat around the bush on this sort of thing: we really do want you back. While people move and circumstances change, the most profound value of a Harley education is gained over time, and the community is strengthened through the deepened ties that time cultivates.

Wellness Center

The fantastic Peckham Wellness Center has officially opened. It was a joyous occasion heralded by gym-shorts-wearing Middle School students, the namesake Peckhams (Nancy and Larry), Dr. Michael Dunn, beloved former athletic director Bob Joslyn, and lots of Harley-ites, old and new. 

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to visit, take a peek at this video created by our very own Upper Schoolers Kimberly Baldo and Aiden Kuelling. It takes you on a quick tour in the very fun style of a 1980’s music video.

You can also enjoy a taste of the press coverage on Channel 8.





Enjoy the break and safe journey if you’re traveling.