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August 20, 2018


Taking Play-based Learning to a New Level: Winslow Natural Playground & Outdoor Learning Center


If you’ve ever followed animal footprints, dangled from a tree branch, rolled down a hill, jumped from boulder to boulder, or made a mud pie, you’ve experienced natural play.



Today, there is growing awareness of the need for children to take risks in play as well as to conduct play in natural settings. Outdoor play and learning has been part of Harley since our very beginning. The Winslow family understands our unique approach benefits students in a wide variety of ways, including improving coordination, balance skills, and agility. It also encourages free play and helps increase student interest in—and knowledge about—nature.

The Winslows have taken their enthusiasm for our curriculum to the next level as lead donors for our new playground and outdoor learning center.

Enjoy this video from this morning during the groundbreaking for the Winslow Playground & Outdoor Learning Center.

Created by former Democrat & Chronicle reporter Todd Clausen.





We enjoyed press coverage as well. You can follow the links to Rochester First (WROC Channel 8) and 13 WHAM.

“In these spaces, children will experience heightened language development, social competence, and emotional development. Ultimately, this space will transform the way children learn and allow them to engage their whole bodies.”

—Jeff Lindstrom, Lead Project Designer, Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds