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Joy In Learning is a weekly podcast highlighting some of the stories happening at The Harley School in Rochester, NY.

The Harley School will host Become Energy Smart, an interactive talk focusing on how to become an educated energy consumer, including how to understand your energy bill (bring your RG&E bill!).

Our speaker will be addressing topics ranging from comparing a traditional gas car with an electric one to how consumers can make the right choice about energy use and management, all relating to how to make educated energy choices. You will learn vocabulary, unit conversions, and the connection of energy and power specifics to major technologies such as your car, house, and generators. The event will be held on April 26 from 6:30-8pm in the Briggs Center for Civic Engagement, located in the third floor of The Commons. It is free and open to the public.

The Commons Speaker Series is designed to engage local and regional leaders to facilitate discussions in the areas of mindfulness and empathy; environmental sustainability and science; civic engagement and the democratic process; and inquiry-driven exploration.

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About the speaker

Dr. Joel Pasternack:

Joel Pasternack, MD, PhD is Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. He works as attending physician in the emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital and at Golisano Children’s Hospital. His education includes ScB. from Brown University, M.A. in Mathematical Physics and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Princeton University, M.D. from University of Rochester.