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Thirty-five Harley students joined a group from the University of Rochester Women in Computing group for an introduction to coding, an overview of some of the STEM fields those students are in, and some hobnobbing with Harley alumni who are in similar fields.

This great evening offered hands-on action along with a rousing and inspiring informal Q&A.

Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in computer science at the University of Rochester. We are dedicated to recognizing and supporting women in computing, both at our institution and all others around the world. We are taking measures to increase the enrollment of female computer science students through our multiple points of entry, specifically courses designed for students with various levels of programming experience. These courses can lead students to clusters, minors, our flexible BA and our more rigorous BS. (see CSC Curriculum Guide) Other measures include the creation of an inclusive community, regional outreach programs and recruitment at graduate and undergraduate levels. We are proud to say we graduated nearly 30% women students in May 2016, compared with the national average of 15.9%. Our efforts are having a positive impact on our community as a whole.