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At Harley, Randall States ’73 was the head photographer for yearbook his senior year and almost always had a camera with him. Following graduation from Harley, he went on to Rochester Institute of Technology where he majored in photography illustration and went on to receive a Master’s in Fine Arts at Pratt University. While in New York, he owned his own company where he traveled around the country taking photographs for corporate annual reports and business publications. He said he used his skills from his yearbook years at Harley to always capture the right moment in his photos.
  Fast forward 12 years and you’d find Randy in Baltimore doing home remodeling work. He continued this work after a move to Connecticut. He wanted his education to match his interests in structures and went on for an additional undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Connecticut and a graduate degree from North Carolina State University. Randy now lives in New Haven, Connecticut, designing and rebuilding civil infrastructure as a geotechnical engineer. He says he still relies on the creativity and analysis skills learned from his years at Harley. All this from a humble start on Harley’s yearbook staff.