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Physical fitness runs in the Joslyn family. With Bob Joslyn, former Harley School athletic director, as their father, how could it be any other way?


Mark Joslyn ’80 was quite the athlete at Harley. He played soccer, lacrosse, and swam. Mark loved Harley’s physical education program because kids were exposed to sports at a young age and taught to stay athletic and active throughout their lifetime. Following Harley, Mark went to Denison University in Ohio and continued to play soccer. He also ran, swam, skied, and biked as an excuse to get outside. Following his graduation from Denison, he went on for his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. A few years after graduating he started competing in triathlons, Ironman races, marathons, and annual bike trips to France. He has not looked back. Mark and his family live in Madison, Wisconsin where he is the Vice President of Human Resources & Information Technology for Trek Bicycle Corporation. He feels it is the perfect vocation and avocation for himself and believes it is all a product of his Harley days.
Mark’s sister, Laura, is also a stellar athlete.
Laura Joslyn ’83 played sports every season through her middle and upper school years at Harley. She loved both team and individual sports, and from a young age, she enjoyed teaching swim lessons with her father on Saturday mornings in the Harley pool. She continued to play soccer for four years at Denison University. Although she did not run competitively there, she discovered her love of running and learned to appreciate the physical and mental benefits of endurance training. She returned to Rochester to earn her Masters in Elementary Education at Nazareth College and began running short races while teaching and raising her two young boys. When her sons reached school age, Laura took the opportunity to be both a classroom teacher and a parent in the Harley Lower School. It was shortly after that transition when she began training for her first marathon. She has now completed ten marathons for various charities in cities such as Chicago, Boston, and New York City (her favorite, as she crossed the finish line with her brother, Mark!). At Harley, Laura learned to strive for her personal best, and she encourages others to do so by sharing her passion for the sport as a volunteer trainer and coach with local running groups.