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Becoming Magazine Spring 2020

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Letter from the Editor

Examining the future of work. We focus on preparing students to “Become What Thou Art.” A large part of our approach to education is making sure students gain the skills they will need for success in college and beyond.

But the question of “beyond” is an interesting one to ponder nowadays. A global pandemic, automation, digital platforms, social distancing, and other impacts are changing the fundamental nature of work. For example, many activities workers carry out today have the potential to be automated, and Google hires not just for coding ability, but also for one’s ability to leverage empathy as a workplace skill. In this issue, we’ll hear from thought-leaders, an alum whose business has changed because of technological capabilities, and our technology and maker space educators. You’ll also learn how we teach students for a future world we cannot predict.

Join us in thinking about the future of work.

Beth Bailey P ’23, ’26, Director of Marketing and Communications


Head of School
Larry Frye P ’12, ’15, ’15

Editor and Publisher
Beth Bailey P ’23, ’26

Art Director and Designer
Lisa Osborne Lange ’74, P ’09

Director of Development
Whitney Brice

Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Karen Saludo P ’27

Contributing Writers
Alex DeSantis, Martin Edic, Lars Kuelling P ’18, ’20, Owen Liotti ’18, Steve Miller, Seth O’Bryan P ’32, ’34

Contributing Photographers
Beth Bailey, Ming DeMers ’21, Arthur Rothfuss III, and submissions from our community

Cover illustration
Chris Lyons

Copy Consultant
Rob Williams ’98

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