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At Harley, joy in learning permeates everything we do. Enjoy our latest news and stories about what is going on at our School.

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Upper School Design and Engineering class explored Cold Frames. They first asked a lot of questions: Do cold frames work? Will they keep the temperature high enough during winter? What materials...

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HAC winter sports

HAC winter sports

A registered dietitian, Erica combines her passions for nutrition science and mindfulness to help others adopt healthy behavior change. She credits her education for helping her foster an open mind and understanding of where her clients are coming from, recognizing that food is deeply personal and there is no one right way to eat. 

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Former Faculty Updates

Featured in Becoming 2020 Wishing Len Wilcox the best for a well-deserved retirement One morning, some years ago now, Len was making his way to the front of the theatre for an announcement, and as...

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