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Supporting Harley

You can impact the strength of Harley today and into the future!

The entire Harley community places great value upon the quality and uniqueness of the Harley experience. The Harley Fund enables this outstanding program every day, and special campaigns like the Lives of Great Purpose Campaign raise the profile of the school through focused priorities for a fixed period of time.

As an independent school, the quality of our educational experience depends on the generosity of our community. If you believe in the Harley mission and guiding principles, please consider supporting this year’s Harley Fund effort, other special campaigns such as the Sands Challenge for Faculty Compensationor consider The Harley School when planning your estate.


Philanthropy is the game-changer in independent school education. Because Harley does not receive funds from the government or religious institutions, donations are what make academic excellence and more personalized attention for students possible.


Your support allows for professional development opportunities each year for our faculty. From attending conferences to bringing in experts who share their research and best practices, our faculty seek opportunities to keep their teaching up to speed with the latest in academic excellence.


Current family and alumni participation rates are measured by corporations and foundations to evaluate the health and viability of a school like Harley. Participation is a major consideration when awarding grant support.


The ongoing stability and fiscal health of our school serves to maintain the value of graduating from The Harley School.


All aspects of the Harley experience depend on support for the Harley Fund, including—innovative and challenging academic areas such as science, arts, athletics and Commons sustainability programs; professional development to provide the latest research and strategies to faculty for the benefit of students; technology, equipment and facilities; financial aid and much more.


As much as 40% of the Harley student body received some form of financial aid in recent years. With $3 million a year directed to need-based financial aid, your contribution helps ensure Harley’s commitment to being a diverse and inclusive school.

Monthly Giving

Choose the “Pledge to Give” option from our secure online giving form (next to “Make a Single Gift”) to make your gift through monthly, recurring installments. 

Online Gifts

Making a gift online is convenient and secure through our site, at the giving form.


Personal check payable to: The Harley School, 1981 Clover Street, Rochester NY 14618


Contact Karen Saludo, Associate Director of Development, to learn about making a pledge to give within the current Harley Fund year, payable by June 15. Pledges for capital projects or endowed funds are payable over a five-year period. 

Almost Alumni! Senior Family Gift

The Harley School is strong because families of current students support the school through their giving. The Senior year provides a great opportunity to honor a graduating student and / or a faculty member who was an inspiring teacher, role model or mentor. To make a gift online, click here.

Appreciated securities/stock

You may reap significant tax advantages when you donate appreciated stock or property. Savings depend upon individual circumstances and should be discussed with personal financial and tax advisors. 

If you wish to donate stock or other appreciated assets, please notify Karen Saludo, Associate Director of Development, at 585-277-1117 or

Please contact our broker and use the following in making your transfer:

Morgan Stanley

Attn: Sherie A. Connorton

300 Linden Oaks

Rochester, NY 14625

(585) 385-5168

Toll-Free 1-800-825-5334

Fax (585) 465-0808

DTC# 0015

Account #: 881-112605-285

Account Name: The Harley School

Planned Giving

Make an impactful gift to Harley, now or in the future, while gaining immediate or estate tax benefits for you or your heirs. Giving opportunities that offer tax savings and benefits include wills, life insurance, life income gifts, charitable trusts, and real estate. For more information please contact Director of Development Holly Beaston at (585) 277-1116 or

Matching Gifts

Many companies match employee donations. To find out if this is an option for you, please contact your employer’s Human Resources department or contact us in the Development Office at 585-442-1770.

Faculty and Staff Gifts by Payroll Deduction


Your gift supports people and programs that make Harley a one-of-a-kind community and learning experience for students. Talented teachers, small classes, and programs from academics to the arts and athletics are possible because of your support. This all translates to more personal attention and access to Harley’s outstanding faculty. Since independent schools do not receive funds from the government or religious institutions, we depend on philanthropy in addition to tuition to provide a first-rate education for our students.


Yes! Similar to other independent schools of its type, Harley has fewer supporters than a university or large charity. Because the number who can give is small and the need is large, every gift counts. Regardless of the size of the gift, it is an expression of your support and belief in our school. Participation matters!


High participation is a vote of confidence, a sign that parents and alumni support the school’s mission. We strive for 100% participation. The high percentage is immeasurable when we are seeking gifts from outside sources, such as grants, as most foundations consider participation before agreeing to donate funds to a school.


This is a question that only you can answer. Because of the direct impact these gifts have on the day-to-day activities at Harley, we hope you will give at the highest level you feel is most comfortable. Every gift counts.


Everyone loves to hear that someone else will match their gift. If you are in a position to be a matching donor, please contact us today. Whether you can offer to match up to $1,000 or much more, we would love to hear from you! Please call the Development Office at 585-442-1770.


We encourage individuals and families to pledge and make gifts early in the school year (between September and December). Early donations translate into lower administrative and communications costs per dollar raised. You may, however, give at any time during the Harley Fund period, which runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. We request that all gifts be made by June 15 in order to be counted in the current fiscal year.


You may spread your payments out over time. While your pledge amount to the Harley Fund must all be paid before June 30, you may elect to pay monthly, quarterly, etc. The Development Office will be happy to help, once you have determined the right plan for you.


Donations may be designated to Areas of Greatest Need, Faculty Professional Development or Financial Aid, just to name a few examples.

Reports on Giving

Report on Giving 2020-2021

Report on Giving 2019-2020

Report on Giving 2018-2019

Report on Giving – Centennial Edition – 2016-2018

The Harley Circle

The Harley Circle is a recognition society for Harley Fund donors who give $1,000 or more each year. Sustaining Members make a three-year commitment. In addition to being listed in our Report on Giving, members are invited to special events.  View the brochure here.

Sands-Stern Award

First presented to the Sands and Stern families in 2009, the Award recognizes an individual or family who has demonstrated their extraordinary commitment to The Harley School through contribution of their service and passion.


Sands-Stern Award for Philanthropy Recipients

Sands-Stern Families – 2009-10

Arunas and Pam Chesonis – 2010-11

Joe ’48 and Nancy Briggs – 2011-12

Phyllis Bentley ’45 – 2012-13

Peter Willsea ’72 and Deb Schaller Willsea ’73 – 2013-14

Scott Frame ’73 and Kathy Kearns Frame ’73 – 2014-15

Mark Zupan – 2015-16

Burt August, Robert August, and Elizabeth August ’82 – 2016-17

Chad and Julie Anderson and Jon McNally and Sue Parkes-McNally – 2017-18

Jack and Lisa Baron – 2018-19

Harley Fund

Serves the current year’s goals and benefits today’s students immediately. If you can make only one gift, please make The Harley Fund your priority.


Blast! is our annual fundraising gala which makes up almost half our Harley Fund goal each year. For sponsorship and table hosting opportunities contact Eboné Creighton at

The Harley School

1981 Clover Street
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 442-1770

©2023 The Harley School

Our Upper School is filled with formal and informal opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. Whether following passions or learning new skills, student-driven opportunities take many shapes. 

  • Independent study: one trimester, full year, and multi-year projects have included automating our solar chimneys, coding handmade musical instruments, or developing a class on financial literacy for underserved high school students.
  • Serving on student council: 
  • STEM: Climate curriculum program, biomimicry program, NASA Hunch program

At Harley, our students learn how to evaluate social systems in order to identify complex problems in society through a lens of social justice. They take a hands-on approach to working for a fair, equitable society by researching, exploring and evaluating different perspectives, and offering solutions—both theoretical and practical.

Our faculty integrate social justice into our broader curriculum to assist students in gaining a foundational knowledge about what makes a democracy function. By gaining skills in ideating supportive pathways they become more exposed and experienced to how communities can undergo healing and restorative actions.

Students may create independent studies with supervising teachers throughout their Upper School experience or, during Grade 12, they can design Capstone projects—intensive collaborations with Harley faculty and off-campus mentors—involving rigorous academic study and culminating in public presentations. They are empowered to create their own curriculum, set goals, and work on time management skills in order to accomplish their objectives.

Independent Studies run the gamut from The Psychology of Sports to Furniture Design to The Neuroimaging of Alzheimer’s Disease. Capstones, meanwhile, are as diverse as the students who pursue them: Fictional Rochester, Autobiographical Art, Biomimicry Education, Organic Fuel, and Rochester Refugees. 

Indicative of Upper School curiosity and creativity, pursuits such as these distinguish our graduates in college. Through deep dives of this sort, Harley students master more than speaking, writing, and computing: they learn to communicate, advocate, collaborate, organize, listen, and empathize. 



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Letter from the Head of School

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Central Work that Matters

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Climate Crisis Curriculum

Citizen Scientists

Joy Moss: Storytelling Roots

In Every Issue

Class Notes

Diane Donniger Award

By the Numbers

From the Archives

What’s (Who’s) New at Harley

Divisional Highlights

Alumni Profile: Vandebroek

Alumni Profiles: Keller

HAC Athletics

2021 Lives of Great Purpose Awards

1000 Words

Commencement 2022

Reunion 2022

In Memoriam

Retirements and Fond Farewells