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Head of School and Divisional Communications Archive (Since We Began Remore Learning)

This is where we frame the purpose of this page, and let poeple know a bit about how to navigate it. Also, maybe a little something about what to expect in terms of updates.

Larry Frye

Head of School

Terry Smith

Head of Lower School

Hassan Jones

Head of Middle School

Kim McDowell

Head of Upper School

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4/16Going off the gridKen buys 6 chickens to get his own eggs while waiting for the Harely Kitchn to open up. Ok fine, but how are our families going more sustainable at home with this kind of stuff might be interesting
4/16Fortune magazine: Doug GilbertLink to story=
4/16The Harley Library Book MobileShare the story of Elaine delivering books
4/16The Maker Space Challenge

Highlight the Make Space Challenge page Kima created:

I made some maker challenges for you to try at home.

I’d love to see any challenges you complete or anything else that you are having fun making at home.

You can share them with me or email and check the makerspace page to see what everyone has made!Web Link
MakerSpace Page!

4/16Greenhouse GreensUpper School’s Beyond Soup Club, led by Harrison Davis (’20), planted greens intended to be harvested for a shared meal at St. Joe’s. When circumstances changed, Commons Educator Lisa Barker harvested the greens and delivered them to the Davis family. In turn, the family prepared the crop for bagged lunches delivered to St. Joe’s. Beth, I’m sending you some pics in an email to me from Lisa.
4/18From Sisi: MS Climate Club is gearing up for Earth day! We are asking our Harley community to create posters, pictures, and sidewalk chalk art to display in windows, sidewalks, and driveways to raise awareness for climate related issues. We are hoping that this effort will spark new curiosities and perhaps people will learn something new when they take walks outside and see some climate related information.
4/18Sam Gilbert project and Harley gardenSam Gilbert made the impressive shelving system in the picture; also notice – starts are growing for the Harley growing spaces!
4/18Pat Malone – example of utiizing digital platform in class (I did not contact her about this, I can follow up with her if you usePat Malone using Padlet to promote student engagement from full class and create a space where students can learn from each other
4/183rd grade embracing digital platform for teaching (they dont know I took this shot)3rd grade using discussion board to collect student reflections and then respond to students on the discussion board. Opportunity for students to hear each others voices
4/18Nursery Red sharing cool recipes for homeNursery Red posts playdough and other fun things to do at home with your kids recipes that can be used any time
4/18Seth presenting at NYSAIS webinarNYSAIS webinar on Capstone Presentations Digital Options
4/18Biomimicry competition submissions – at least 2, maybe 3?Betsy Vinton and Seth O’Bryan submitted biomimicry competition entries from the students. They made some cool videos and project proposals. Third year of participating as a school.
4/20This Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21 &22, with the coordination of Christy Tyler, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences at RIT, graduate students will be connecting with our 5th and 6th grade students about climate change.
4/20-4/24Kindergarten students have been reading The Lorax and making Lorax puppets out of materials sent home by Gail last week.
4/244th Grade live morning meeting Friday 8:30 is show and tell



Larry Frye: Communications to All School

Our Reentry Plan

Dear Parents, Our reentry plan We have been communicating with you quite a bit this summer, so I believe you already know that we have had a Reentry Task Force working since the spring, looking at all of the possible ways we might return to school. Last week, the...

COVID-19 – 3/14/20

Dear Harley families, Thank you for being patient as we navigate this unprecedented health crisis in our community and in our world. There is so much uncertainty—and the situation is so fluid—that things are changing hour by hour. Earlier today we sent out an...

COVID-19 – 3/12/20

Dear Harley community, We are going through something we’ve never quite seen before—as a school, a community, a world. It’s all moving incredibly fast: colleges and universities closing, events being cancelled, and last night we came to learn of our first confirmed...

COVID-19 – 3/7/20

Dear Harley community,   We’ve been doing quite a bit of work making plans should the coronavirus come our way, hoping—of course—that we don’t need to use most of them. The various topics are broken out below. School Closure Decisions We are closely following...

COVID-19 – 3/3/20

Dear Harley community, The coronavirus (COVID-19) has made its way to the United States; in New York State a case has been confirmed in Manhattan, and in Toronto there are about a dozen. I wanted to provide you with information about what Harley is doing to prevent...

The Harley School’s Microfarm: Student-led Redesign

The Capstone Program offers Harley seniors an experience typically reserved for college or graduate school students. In the spirit of our school motto, Become What Thou Art, the Capstone Program provides students with an opportunity to pursue an untapped talent or explore a subject they’re passionate about, under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Terry Smith – Lower School Communications

Sink and Float: Hands on Learning in a Primary Class

by Beth Bailey and Meredith Cavallaro, Primary faculty  One of our Primary classes started a new unit, sink and float, this fall. This particular exploration involved the scientific skills of prediction, observation, and investigation (to name just a few). Things...

Hassan Jones – Middle School Communications

Book Recommendations from Grade 5

Torpedoed is an eye-catching and mesmerizing book. It is a book about 90 child refugees that want to seek refuge over in North America on a boat. They come from different places in Europe and want to leave because of violence during World War II. The boat they sailed...

Mindfulness and Recess Make A Difference

By Hassan Jones, Head of Middle School “In today’s rush, we all think too much — seek too much — want too much — and forget about the joy of just being” (Eckhart Tolle). The bell rang and the students spilled out into the hallway skipping and moving joyfully to their...

Middle School MathCounts Team Competes at RIT

The Harley Middle School MathCounts Team was one of twelve middle school teams (comprising over eighty students competing) at RIT at the Monroe County MathCounts Chapter meet on Saturday, February 29th.   The team has been practicing every Friday morning with coaches...

Kim McDowell – Upper School Communications

Oaks and Acorns: February 2019

February 13, 2019   “I’ll Go First” “What difference did it make that you went to Harley?” That was the question posed by a member of the class of ’82 to a member of the class of ’17, now a sophomore at Tufts, during a recent alumni dinner in Cambridge, Massachusetts....

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